Bruce Willems

BCW LeeLoo

I really came to this idea of home-cooked dog food because of Chris’s experience. We saw how Zeus’s health was improved by the change in diet. We were feeding Vila one of the higher-rated but still affordable choices in kibble at the time.

Once I got over the mental problem of cooking for my dog, it became an easy choice to start making food in a similar way. Chris was cooking in a crock pot about every 10 days, and I wanted to cook only once per month, so I loaded up a large turkey pot with chicken backs and fish heads. I could cook enough for a month at a time. I thought I’d reached the pinnacle of my success with dog food.

Then one day Chris and I were discussing the food and trying to reduce cooking time in order to preserve more nutrients. We knew that what we were feeding our dogs was a quantum leap in quality above kibble - but since we were cooking all of this over a flame, it took 12-13 hours of cooking for the bones to be soft enough to eat. There is a lot of nutrient loss in that amount of time. So - we decided to try and do the cook in a pressure cooker.

Once we got the ingredients to test it out, it was an easy pick as to which way we could go forward. Cooking the bones of a whole chicken turned them into mush in less than 3 hours. Cooking a whole fish turned the bones edible in less than an hour. That was a huge improvement. And then - through the process of nutritional testing, we found out that our recipe had too much calcium, making the need for bones in the finished product almost non-existent.

After finalizing some recipes, we were able to reduce the cooking time drastically, which produces a finished product much more dense in nutrients, and it’s even tastier (from what Vila tells me).

So here we are. I’ve learned a lot about pet nutrition through this process. As an added bonus, a lot of the same information about dog food applies to cats as well. I don’t personally have a cat, but we have enough friends that do, and we decided to try out some cat recipes as well. It turns out that a lot of the same principles apply, but cats have a bit of a different nutrient profile since they are true carnivores.

We really hope that through the process of building up this business we are able to help out a lot of dogs and cats in the neighborhood. We believe that our food is vastly superior to anything commercially available. Check our FAQ page for answers why we believe this - and for comparisons of ingredient lists.